iSprawl : Autonomy, and the Effects of Power Transmission

TitleiSprawl : Autonomy, and the Effects of Power Transmission
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2004
AuthorsKim, S., J. E. Clark, and M. R. Cutkosky
Conference NameClimbing and Walking Robots
Date Published06/2004
Conference LocationMadrid, Spain

We describe the design features that underlie the operation ofiSprawl, a small (0.3 Kg) autonomous, bio-inspired hexapod that runs at 15 bodylengths/ second. These features include a light and flexible power transmission system that permits high speed rotary power to be converted to periodic thrusting and distributed to the tips of the legs, and a tuned set of leg compliances for efficient running. Examination of the trajectory of the center of mass and the ground reaction forces for iSprawl show that it achieves the same stable, bouncing locomotion seen in insects and in previous (slower) bio-inspired robots.