SpinybotII: climbing hard walls with compliant microspines

TitleSpinybotII: climbing hard walls with compliant microspines
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKim, S., A. T. Asbeck, M. R. Cutkosky, and W. R. Provancher
Conference NameAdvanced Robotics, 2005. (ICAR '05). Proceedings, 12th International Conference on
Date Published07/2005
Conference LocationSeattle, WA
ISBN Number0-7803-9178-0
Accession Number8681277

A new climbing robot has been developed that can scale flat, hard vertical surfaces including concrete, brick, stucco and masonry without using suction or adhesives. The robot can carry a payload equal to its own weight and can cling without consuming power. It employs arrays of miniature spines that catch opportunistically on surface asperities. The approach is inspired by the mechanisms observed in some climbing insects and spiders. This paper covers the analysis and implementation of the approach, focusing on issues of spine/surface interaction and compliant suspension design