The MIT Super Mini Cheetah

The MIT Super Mini Cheetah is an inexpensive and lightweight quadrupedal robot that is capable of behaviors such as running, walking, jumping and turning. The design of the Super Mini Cheetah follows many ideals of MIT Cheetah while emphasizing the use of commercial-off-the-shelf components and low-cost rapid manufacturing methods.



The low-cost, easily replicable machine is powerful enough to perform dynamic locomotion and lightweight and inexpensive enough to simplify many logistical challenges of performing safe experiments with large robots such as the MIT Cheetah. We also hope its low cost and replicability enable researchers to share hardware-implementable control implementations on replicable hardware across the world.

The MIT Super Mini Cheetah in Killian Court at MIT

The complete design of the MIT Super Mini Cheetah will be made publicly available soon. The (following publication) describes the design of the machine and experimental characterization. If you are interested in building your own Super Mini Cheetah-like robot, please get in touch with Will Bosworth at bosworth AT mit DOT edu .

The MIT Super Mini Cheetah robot was first built in the context of Will Bosworth’s PhD research with Professor Sangbae Kim and Professor Neville Hogan, funded by the DARPA M3 program. Additional contributors include Debbie Ajilo, Michael Farid, Hans Susilo, Jonas Whitney and Michael Chuah.