• Cheetah-inspired Quadrupeds

    High-speed locomotion platform

  • Prototype v.0

    Under Construction

  • CiSprawl

    A cockroach-inspired hexapod running at 15 bodylenghths/sec

  • Stickybot

    A gecko-inspired climbing robot with the world's first directional adhesive

High Torque Density Actuator

This research is focused on achieving high torque density with minimum actuator impedance for the applications with significant physical interaction with environments.

Biotensegrity Structure

The synergetic arrangement of bones and tendons of biological system inspires a design principle that allows light, robust leg structure for high speed running.

Optimal Swing-leg Retraction

The retraction speed of the leg just before landing significantly affect the overall dynamics of the robot in stability and energetic cost.

MIT Cheetah Robot

Check newly updated Cheetah videos!