• The MIT HERMES humanoid robot system

    Designed for studying whole-body human-in-the-loop control with balance feedback

  • HERMES punching through a wall

    Capable of strong, dynamic actions

  • MIT Cheetah v3

    Running at Killian Court

  • MIT Cheetah v2

    Running and jumping over obstacles at the MIT indoor track

  • Biomimetic Robotics Lab members

    After a successful day of testing

High Torque Density Actuator

This research is focused on achieving high torque density with minimum actuator impedance for the applications with significant physical interaction with environments.


Inspired by the innate physical control capabilities of humans as well as the capacity for creative learning, we explore the use of the full-body of the human operator as the controller for a humanoid robot.

The MIT Mini Cheetah

The MIT Mini Cheetah is an inexpensive and lightweight quadrupedal robot that is capable of behaviors such as running, walking, jumping and turning.

MIT Cheetah II

MIT Cheetah II receives worldwide coverage for new results in autonomous jumping.